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If you are in the professional beauty industry, do you feel the shift?  If you aren’t then you will soon, because this is the biggest shift we have seen and things are changing fast.  So are you positioning yourself to stay ahead? Diversion is actually the first topic that I’m covering because it’s one of the biggest disrupters!


It turns out that 182 beauty companies fall under the massive umbrellas of seven huge manufacturers. Thank you INSIDER for the following information. They created an info-graphic that illustrates all the major beauty brands and the parent companies that they fall under. They are great visuals. This usually comes to a shock to pro out there. But when you realize who owns the brands, do you really think it’s diversion?

I know that there have been even more buyouts and acquisitions since INSIDER put together this list, but things are moving so fast, it is hard to keep up!

Why is all of the above relevant?  Do you really think that these BIG corporations are loyal to professional accounts?  Do you think that diversion is all due to the illegal sale of products?  These manufacturers don’t need professionals anymore!!  Their business plan is to buy up all of the “branded”, successful brands and then bypass the pros and go directly to the consumer.  Their goal is to be THE BIGGEST beauty brand in the world, and more sales is the only way.

There is a brand acquisition, there is a promise that nothing will change, but then slowly the ingredients are changed to make it more profitable, and suddenly the brand you were loyal to is no longer the brand that you fell in live with!!  Ugh…

And I know that you are considering giving up retailing altogether as all of your brands are jumping ship. But DON’T give up!!  There are ways to stay ahead!!

Just know that there’s a reason for me sharing all of this, and there are things that you can do to avoid your clients going to AMAZON and the other online stores to get the products you have promoted to them. Let's schedule a 15 minute phone call to discuss a comprehensive approach to naturally enhance the salon's services and be the first to offer the exclusivity in the area.

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