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About Me

Marsha Toi-GB is a Makeup Artist, an Aesthetician, a Certified Salon Consultant who focuses on personally customized beauty and results-driven aesthetics.

Over the years as a Makeup Artist, she has learned that there is so much more than just painting a face. It is about connecting and building a relationship with women on a personal level. Client relationships are everything to her.

Makeup is the way to make clients feel amazing in their skin; however, the makeup will look best if the clients have great skin. As an aesthetician, her teachings include the importance of internal health and external practices to achieve healthy skin. It is about empowering a woman to never feel like she needs to wear makeup.

Marsha’s approach combines naturopathic wellness, personalized skincare regimens, and customized beauty to create an all-inclusive experience.

As a Certified Salon Consultant, she helps salon and spa owners develop an additional revenue source off of their existing clientele and stay profitable is having a system where they can ALL work together and lock arms and become even more successful by offering customized solutions. In a once extremely competitive industry, this has never been more crucial.  The power of everyone working together creates a team culture where everyone celebrates the success of each other.

Since her business is built on word of mouth, she has a program designed to incentivize (and thank you) for sharing your experience!

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