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Custom Blend Foundation

By Motives Cosmetics

Motives custom blend system was originally made for burn victims. The blends not only covered up their burns, but soothed the skin as well. These are made with those who have extremely sensitive skin in mind.

What sets us apart from any other foundations, is we, as certified custom blend specialists, are able to formulate, customize, and mix it to the exact match of your skin. We combine the exact foundation pigment with the color of your skin tone to create the perfect custom blend foundation. We can make a sheer-tinted moisturizer, medium-coverage foundation, or a full-coverage foundation that can cover tattoos or scarring.

Unique Beauty Experience

Beauty in Any Shade is a unique beauty experience like no other: Customize Foundation, Mineral Powder, Concealers, Eye Shadows, Color Correctors, Blushes, Bronzers, Shimmer Powders, and Lip Stains with botanically infused, and get to name your creation. With personal touch, we are perfect for girls' night out, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties: You name it, we'll host it in your comfortable environment. 

Customized beauty products are one of the hottest beauty care trends.

Why Custom Blend?

Because everyone is an individual with a unique coloring, skin type, personality, lifestyle and preference.

The custom blend foundation includes modifiers and skincare additives that allow you to further customize the foundation and target specific concerns; we can add oil control, hydrator or firming additives into the foundation.

Step by step to create your own skin in the bottle.

If we are born unique, then why we use one size fits all foundation.

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Step 1

step 2.jpg

Step 2

step 3.jpg

Step 3

step 4.jpg

Step 4

step 5.jpg

Step 5

step 6.jpg

Step 6

step 7.jpg

Step 7

step 8.jpg

Step 8

step 9.jpg

Step 9

step 10.jpg

Step 10

step 11.jpg

Step 11


Name your formula!

What it is NOT included...






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