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Skincare Additives

Ultra Firming Botanical Complex

This botanical complex gives a tighter, firmer appearance to skin that will last throughout the day. Hydrolyzed soy protein softens and soothes the skin, giving it a more radiant appearance.


Utilizes sodium PCA to help restore hydration and deliver water to the skin. It is recommended for all skin types, and especially dry skin.

Oil Control

Contains a combination of extracts that work to help control oil, while providing purifying and calming qualities. It is recommended for oily skin.

Ultra Soothing Botanical Complex

Botanicals soothe skin and help to reduce the appearance of redness. It is recommended for sensitive skin. Centella asiatica extract is reported to have antioxidant and soothing properties that protect and calm skin, while Calendula officinalis flower extract conditions and soothes skin.

Copper Peptide Multi-Mineral Complex

Minerals support normal collagen and elastin to diminish the appearance of fine lines, improve the appearance of skin and promote hydration.

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